Saturday, 7 June 2014

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Blah blah blah some more been made weeks ago but work has been busy so........................

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Here's is my latest batch! Made 5 but lost one just after applying the slip and pushing out from the inside, the wall at the base gave in! ohhhhhhhhhhhh well! so got four left now well think I've binned three and will take one through to firing!!!

Right next are these!
I've thrown 'em and then done a little bit of trimming (get rid of that weight!) them slipped them and made patterns on the surface then pushed from the inside to alter the surface and symmetry of the forms.

Right I'm back with another batch in this post, there are three larger pots/vessels with texture, I wasn't in the mood to throw lids so thought I'd thrown larger (5-6lbs) pots and see what they look like with the texture on them. I think they work and don't need a lid on them and could have a different rim/neck maybe a wider neck/rim too, and more of a bellied shape to the form.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

This final batch (at the moment) is a basic cylinder form which utilizes a gallery fitting for the lid, not a design I normally make but thought  I would for a change and to explore.

Three out of these four have been put back on the wheel while still wet (by adding the joining slip to the surface softens the walls, then using my fingers I have pushed out from the inside to alter the shape further. This has lead to a new loose asymmetrical form, which I think will be the next stage of further development.  




The fourth batch is split between five rounded and five straight forms. Most have now got pulled strap handle on them to alter and have a different design to them. Three still have a thrown knob to them again a simple basic design with doesn’t distract from the very heavy textured design on the form.